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The Venture Spotlight Series: Global Entrepreneurship Week edition

At entrepreneurship@UBC, we work with a rich pipeline of ventures ready to change the world. Within our vibrant ecosystem of ventures are
. Yamila's knowledge is built on wholistic enterprise design, giving back to the Land, and sustainable development goals.  What global problem does Nyoka solve for?: Starting with our first invention, the Nyoka Light Wand is the world’s first non-toxic, biodegradable, portable, bioluminescent light source designed to disrupt single-use, waste-generating light source industries. We are developing the technology to eliminate the billion plastic glow sticks created every year. with a sustainable, circular economy model that removes and reduces waste in our systems. How does equity, diversity and inclusion play a role in how you are building your company?: As we are building Nyoka we are coming from a place of understanding and having experienced firsthand some of the barriers that diverse communities face to access STEM. As such, it is part of our building blocks to not perpetuate the same negative cycles and create spaces where everyone feels and understands that their knowledge is valued, respected and protected. We approach our work with an intersectional, gender-based and culturally-aware lens. We do so from the way we are building our teams to the conversations we host in our meetings and our decision-making process. Our stakeholders include our team, our community and the Land. We are creating new systems that embody equity, diversity and inclusion because we want Nyoka's intergenerational impact to be meaningful and contributing to the world. Nyoka is a current venture a part of our Lab2Launch Venture Building program The C.O.D.E Initiative Foundation Co-founded by Bahar Heravi Moussavi, Mikhaela Torio and Felicia Chan Tell us a bit about The C.O.D.E Initiative Foundation?: Over the last 3 years, The C.O.D.E Initiative Foundation has worked with nearly 400 children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and other neurodiversities to teach them the basics of computer programming through a tailored educational plan. As we continue to immerse ourselves in a community of passionate and dedicated families where we learn more through their stories, we now aim to design a technological platform that streamlines the process of finding support for children with neurodiversities.  How did you get started as entrepreneurs?: In 2017, we were three friends in our second year of university with an aspiration to change the narrative and promote inclusivity. So came to be our start as entrepreneurs, co-founding The C.O.D.E. Initiative Foundation, an organization with the mission to Create Opportunities and Define Education. The first few months brought about adversities we chose to face head-on. Over 3 years later, we have hosted over 40 workshops to nearly 400 children. We hope that throughout our journey as entrepreneurs, facing new challenges as we begin new projects, we can continue to give back to a community of families that have been unendingly supportive of our ventures.  What global problem does The C.O.D.E Initiative Foundation solve for?: For parents of children with neurodiversities, money, time, and lack of guidance are the barriers they face every day when grappling to find support. We aim to alleviate this challenge by designing a platform that breaks down these barriers and gives them access to the form of support they believe is best for their children. How does equity, diversity and inclusion play a role in how you are building your company?: Inclusion and diversity have always been the pillars of our mission. Not only do we strive to promote these through our services and products, but we also incorporate this within our team structure. As we continue to grow, we have now seen over 300 dedicated volunteers, all of whom strive to promote our mission. Each one of us is dedicated to encouraging neurodiverse youth to pursue the opportunities that await them. This does not change, even as we now work to build a new product that will help their parents, those of whom are just as dedicated - if not more - to providing opportunities for their children. The C.O.D.E Initiative Foundation is a current venture a part of our CORE Venture Building program...

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