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The entrepreneurship@UBC venture building journey begins with the incubator phase. Whether you are building a science innovation, disruptive technology, health venture, social or climate solution, there is a an option for you.

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Applications are open for our fall Lab2Launch and CORE Venture Building programs!


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The entrepreneurship@UBC venture building journey begins with the incubator phase, helping UBC founders to execute on their ideas by intensely focusing on customer discovery, competitive analysis, problem validation and product-market fit. Ventures go through one of our foundational programs, Lab2Launch or CORE. In addition, we’ve developed three venture building verticals, the Climate Venture Studio, the Human Health Venture Studio and the Social Venture Studio, as an additional layer of programming and community building to help teams in these areas navigate the nuances of their respective industries.

Ventures can be in the incubation phase anywhere from 5 weeks to several years, culminating with an opportunity to apply to the HATCH Accelerator Network.

entrepreneurship@UBC incubates over 100 ventures annually, consistently producing skilled entrepreneurs with validated business models who are ready to take their venture to the next level. 

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Lab2Launch program

For ventures pursuing the commercialization of a scientific advancement or technological innovation.

CORE program

For ventures driving innovation through disruptive technologies, ideas and trends.

    Social Venture Studio

For high-impact ventures with solutions to pressing social or environmental problems.


Human Health Venture Studio 

For ventures with transformative human health innovations.


Climate Venture Studio 

For ventures tackling a widespread climate issue.

Meet our Venture Activators

Fraser Pogue


Sean Lumb

Lab2Launch, Human Health Venture Studio

Shannon Bard
Social Venture & Climate Venture Studio

Paul Needham
Social Venture & Climate Venture Studio

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