Meet our 2020 Venture Development Specialists

entrepreneurship@UBC's Venture Development Specialist summer internship is for UBC Sauder students ready to make an impact supporting the venture portfolio and moving the needle for UBC entrepreneurs.

Zack Garland

I have a Bachelors Degree in ocean and naval architectural engineering from Memorial University of Newfoundland and Labrador. I applied this training in global offshore oil and gas operations as well as commercial steel vessel design and construction. In 2016, I transitioned my career to focus on computation design and fabrication and joined the Digital Innovation team at Nike.  As a former national team cyclist, I have been known to haul a bike trailer and kid up Seymour Mountain. Social distancing has allowed my family of 4 to enjoy extra North Shore mountain adventures and it has been a joy teaching my kids about appreciating nature at such a young age. 

Fazil Hussain

I am an engineer and I have a Bachelors in Information Technology. I started my career as a software engineer in financial services and after a couple of years joined an automotive manufacturing company as a project manager. I am passionate about building products that people love using. Outside of work, I love hiking, swimming and Roger Federer! In these COVID times, I really miss the MBA class. I text them randomly, just like I would run into them randomly at school. This helps break the monotony of working from home.

Lynn Jennifer Kulli

I’m a trend research nerd who is passionate about all the topics around the future. Currently, I’m enrolled in Sauder's MBA program focusing on strategy, marketing and innovation. I have a degree in textile business management and professional background in product management (buying) and business development in online retail. As a curious and creative person, I enjoy the fast-paced environment and diversity of entrepreneurship@UBC, which allows me to use my skillset in strategy, marketing research, brand management and relationship building.I love to collect valuable moments and appreciate the little things in life, such as snowboarding or hiking with friends. Yoga helps me to stay in shape while I am eating way too many donuts during COVID-19 while enjoying regular group video calls with friends and family.

Aniruddha Mondal

I am an engineer with a major in Biotechnology and pursuing my MBA in Finance currently from UBC Sauder. I have been a technology entrepreneur twice and took my first company to a successful exit followed by a two year stint in early stage Venture Capital in India. Im passionate about technology startups, sustainability, poker and whisky. My best tip for social distancing would be to keep video calling friends and family as much as possible to keep the spirits high and instilling a feeling of togetherness. 

Amanda Newlands

I come from a creative background in design, developing branding and visual identity projects that ranged from print to digital media applications. My greatest achievements have been while managing projects for the Rio 2016 Olympic Games and Brazil Olympic Committee, where I improved the brand that represents my country's athletes. I'm passionate about using creativity and a life-centered approach to shape our future, working with innovations that change the way we interact to bring better outcomes for our society and the environment. I've built a happy social distancing community by keeping in touch with friends and family just to laugh together. I also took this chance to create  better behaviours for myself.

entrepreneurship@UBC's Venture Development Specialist summer internship is in partnership with the UBC Sauder School of Business.

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