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Presenting...the 10 ventures in our Lab2Launch venture building program

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Earlier this year, entrepreneurship@UBC announced our Lab2Launch venture building program, designed for UBC researchers and scientists who want to mobilize their knowledge into solving significant global problems.  These unique innovations are proprietary and difficult to reproduce and Lab2Launch works with founders to identify if a viable and valuable business opportunity exists. With the support of our EiRs (Entrepreneurs-in-Residence) and mentor network, founders are guided through venture creation by putting the right team and plan in place in order to gain market validation and financing opportunities, preparing them for launch and growth. The Lab2Launch program provides UBC researchers the runway to launch their innovations in companies that can thrive in a highly competitive and volatile economy. ... and our spring cohort does not disappoint!   


ABOenzymes ABOenzymes is developing a product to make blood typing a thing of the past, turning all blood types into universal donor blood and eliminating the need for blood typing and blood matching.  Amphoraxe Life Sciences Inc.  Amphoraxe aims to replace conventional antibiotics used by farmers that can spread dangerous antibiotic resistant bacteria to humans with a new generation of products that don't cause drug resistance, increasing farmers' productivity without harming human health. D.I. Self Composite Alloys Inc.  D.I. will create the next breakthrough/new generation of highly optimized Alloys with custom properties that can be used virtually anywhere. Deformance Design Labs Inc.  Deformance offers zero-waste, rapid delivery of building designs and components of almost any form reducing construction costs and time by 20% and 40%, compared to the current building industry standards.  Fluoride Labelled Tomography (FLAT)  FLAT is developing proprietary PET radiotracers that will help oncologists and radiologists detect cancer or recurrent cancer sooner by providing customized, sensitive and precise imaging.  Smart Bandage  Smart Bandage is developing a bandage with integrated sensors to alert healthcare providers when a wound becomes infected, providing peace of mind to patients and improved health outcomes for healthcare providers and the healthcare system.  Thor Technologies The Thor Reactor is an electrochemical system that allows drug developers to easily and reliably replace hydrogen with deuterium in a broad range of molecules under ambient conditions using only deuterated water, helping the pharmaceutical industry to bring safer and more effective drugs to market. Tractus Medical  Tractus Medical is developing a device that can be operated by a single physician to successfully realign a broken wrist, avoiding the need for surgery entirely.  Verdi  Verdi is building self-learning irrigation systems to help wine growers grow better wine with $0 lost, delivering water to the right grapevines at the right time, compared to $3.3 billion lost each year due to imprecision from conventional irrigation systems in North America. Viridis Research Viridis’ proprietary technology offers a decentralized approach that reduces residential water consumption by over 30% by rerouting our “grey water” - water from sinks, showers, and baths - and cleaning it in a proprietary and green electrochemical system for recycling. 

Congratulations to the new ventures!

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