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Pitches & Pitchers 2019: The Best Yet

Updated: Mar 25, 2020

This November, members of our innovation ecosystem came out to witness the next generation of ventures in the HATCH Accelerator program pitch at entrepreneurship@UBC’s Pitches & Pitchers 2019! What resulted was an evening packed with people, connections and compelling ideas set to impact the future of BC's tech and startup landscape.

Pitches & Pitchers is an annual pitch event that celebrates our incredible ecosystem of entrepreneurs. Selected ventures from the HATCH Accelerator program go through rounds of pitch training to perfect their presentation skills and clarify their key asks in preparation for the event.

This year was hosted by Entrepreneur in Residence Jon Cartwright, Founder and Chairman of Foodee and Chief Growth Officer of Zolo Realty. Packed with over 120 people, the room was teeming with anticipation as 13 entrepreneurs from the HATCH Accelerator program shared their game changing solutions to some of the world's most intricate problems.

Kicking off the evening, entrepreneurship@UBC Managing Director, Kari LaMotte, recognized the many organizations, institutes and people who have made the HATCH Accelerator program such a success. She thanked those who’ve played a critical role in helping the entrepreneurship@UBC ecosystem thrive, supporting the many passionate, skilled and ambitious entrepreneurs in the HATCH Accelerator program. She was followed by Rob Rohling, Director of the Institute for Computing, Information and Cognitive Systems (ICICS) who echoed her gratitude for the community.

“Pitches & Pitchers is an opportunity to share in the success of ventures who are part of the HATCH Accelerator program with our vibrant community of industry partners, collaborators and mentors. Much of our success is due to their ongoing support and generosity, and is just as much a celebration of them as it is the ventures.”

- Kari LaMotte, Managing Director, entrepreneurship@UBC

Sporting bright orange lanyards, founders pitched their venture in 90 second rounds in front of investors, industry partners, UBC faculty, mentors and more. In what shaped up to be the event’s biggest year to date, ventures delivered their solution to problems ranging from joint pain and delivery kiosks to chronic snoring and AI solutions for hiring. The ventures themselves ranged in maturity as two alumni, HeadCheck Health and Aeriosense, made an appearance, giving those in attendance an idea of the impact HATCH Accelerator graduates are having on the world.

“Pitches & Pitchers is an evening elevating the status of ventures in the HATCH Accelerator program, giving us the chance to show our progress and directly access a network of professionals who can help us achieve critical milestones in our venture building journey.”

- Brianna Blaney, Founder and CEO of deepND

Thank you to those who came out to support our community and give back to our outstanding ecosystem of entrepreneurs!

Next on the calendar, Investor Day 2020. We’ll see you there!

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Want to see who pitched? Check it out.

HeadCheck Health: HeadCheck Health has developed software and services that improve the way concussions are assessed, tracked and managed at all levels of sport.

CEO: Harrison Brown

Aeriosense: Automation software that helps utilities and other infrastructure operators integrate drones into their inspection programs.

CEO: Alex Babakov

ModernAgent: ModernAgent empowers every realtor to build better relationships and sell

more homes.

President: Stuart Sim

Stōkō (formerly Embrace Orthopaedics): Stōkō builds joint support products that people never have to see, feel, or think about. We use proprietary advanced textiles to integrate the same level of support that you’d find in a fully rigid bracing product into beautifully simple athletic apparel.

CEO: Zack Eberwein

Zennea: Zennea is developing the first FDA cleared and clinically proven medical device solution for chronic snoring.

CEO: Rachel Chase

Naegis Pharmaceuticals: Naegis is driven to create new therapies for serious eye diseases that cause blindness.

CEO: Dave Burgoyne

Flamingo Mobility: Flamingo Mobility enhances the life quality of patients with lower leg injuries by developing novel mobility aids.

CEO: Mohammad Mehdi Masoumi

Livelly: Livelly is a mobile concierge solution that transforms buildings into smart communities. Livelly combines human-centered technology with hands-on concierge services to empower residents to live smarter.

CEO: Felipe Martins

PigeonBox: The smart mailing address for busy online shoppers.

CEO: Seunghwan Son

ShapeMeasure: ShapeMeasure automates the hardest parts of construction: Precision measurement and cutting.

CEO: Ben Blumer

Daanaa: Daanaa is commercializing a novel chip-based wireless power transfer system. Unlike existing solutions, the integrated and flexible design system operates simultaneously with multi electricity requirement devices, has extended range, generates no heat, can power through solid material cables for any DC enabled device.

CEO: Udi Daon

deepND: Predictive hiring and retention for hourly employers. deepND helps restaurants and retailers hire better hourly employees and retain them longer using artificial intelligence. We’re like an intelligent HR coach for the pocket of each store manager!

CEO: Brianna Blaney

BarrelWise: Giving winemakers the tools to better practice their art.

CEO: Jason Sparrow

entrepreneurship@UBC is an initiative that propels UBC innovations out into the world through entrepreneurship, by providing UBC students, researchers, faculty members, alumni and staff with the resources, networks, facilities and funding they need to succeed.

The HATCH Accelerator program is in partnership with the Institute for Computing, Information and Cognitive Systems (ICICS).

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