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Meet the newest ventures to join our Core Technology Incubator program

UBC is home to thousands of ideas just teeming with potential. entrepreneurship@UBC’s Core Technology Incubator program champions tech-enabled teams by helping them to validate their ideas, develop their business model and prepare them for company building, investment and growth.

On that note, we are thrilled to introduce you to the newest ventures to join our Core Technology Incubator program.

Please welcome...

3DQue Systems Inc.

3DQue is creating 3D printer automation hardware and software for high volume functional prototyping and mass production in industrial and academic settings.

5G Compute Platform

5G Compute Platform is providing the next-gen compute platforms by increasing the discoverability and searchability of native apps.

ApplyChance Technologies Inc.

ApplyChance is the one place to go for graduate applicants and university professors looking for talented graduate students.

Asset Data Analytics

Asset Data Analytics is a data and analytics solution that enhances the reliability of supply chain departments within the mining sector.


ByteCycler is a platform for crowdsourced news topics focused on removing bias from news sources.


Clotech is brining 3D modelling technologies to tackle challenging problems in the clothing retail space.

Club Row Fitness

Club Row is reinventing the sport of rowing through a row-at-home experience with remote classes.


FoodBuddy is enhancing community involvement on campus by encouraging students at UBC to grab a meal with other fellow students.


Gumption.AI is an API for integrating an organization's AI/ML solutions to the traditional dev stack. 

Immersio App

Immersio is creating an app to support the learning of ancient languages.


MarkMate is making it cheaper and easier for small businesses and start-ups to secure legal rights to brand protection.

Mendel's Peas

Mendel's Peas provides personalized vitamin and mineral supplements delivered through a monthly subscription package.

Mentor Abroad

Mentor Abroad is building a platform to help connect university applicants with mentors from their respective universities. 

Remedy Clinical Consulting Inc.

Remedy provides a virtual platform for client data and messaging for healthcare professionals.

Remity Biotechnologies

Remity is developing wearable technology embedded with biometric devices to assist with the early detection of cardiac issues.

Room Market

Room Market is building property technology allowing users to connect and search for reliable data on a location's price, population and density.

Roost Medical 

Roost Medical is an online platform allowing patients to "visit " their doctor online and have prescriptions delivered directly to their home.


Storagehotel is a web-based storage solution to help people safely store their goods.

Susgrainable Health Foods

Susgrainable is a sustainable food producer that addresses food waste through upcycling while achieving balanced nutrition with its flour and bakery products.

Synaptitude Brain Health

Synaptitude Brain Health is aiming to reduce the risk of cognitive decline, bringing revolutionary advances in brain research to the general public.

Congratulations to the new ventures!

entrepreneurship@UBC’s Core Technology Incubator program helps UBC founders execute on their ideas by intensely focusing on customer discovery, competitive analysis, problem validation and product-market fit.

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