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Meet the 9 teams joining our Spring 2021 Lab2Launch Venture Building program

Twice a year, we usher in a new cohort of Lab2Launch ventures working on the leading-edge research innovations that are set to change the world.

The Lab2Launch Venture Building program is for UBC researchers and scientists who are focusing on the development of a scientific or technological innovation which is unique, proprietary and difficult to reproduce, propelling teams through venture creation, and preparing them for investment and growth. Teams are supported by our bench of industry and academic mentors who bring their expertise, insights and experience to the venture building process to create phenomenal impacts for our community.

2020 has demonstrated the absolute necessity of getting research innovation to market and accelerating discoveries to advance society and make fundamental, positive, change. As an academic incubator/accelerator program and as part of the Innovation portfolio at UBC, this is our “bread and butter”, working with Lab2Launch ventures at the intersection of research commercialization and venture creation who will drive transformative impacts in BC and around the globe.

The onset of a new cohort marks the beginning of a new “season” at entrepreneurship@UBC and we are delighted to introduce you to the newest ventures to join the program!

Meet the 9 new teams to join our Lab2Launch Venture Building program:


Helping patients manage their diabetes and optimize their health through an AI-enabled, personalized healthcare platform.


Improving cardiovascular intervention outcomes by enhancing the diagnostic power of endoscopy with a next-generation probe.

Biba Cancer Research

Developing a new class of disease-modifying therapeutics for glioblastoma and other hard-to-treat cancers.

Carbon Minerals

Realizing the future of carbon dioxide sequestration in the enormous capacity of mine tailings.

Genera Therapeutics

Providing female-focussed, personalized and holistic clinical management of anxiety and depression.

GeoGen Technologies

Converting exhausted oil & gas wells into geothermal energy generators for base-load grid electricity supply.

NanoTech Innovation

Developing a rust converter coating that pacifies and neutralizes metal infrastructure corrosion, reducing maintenance costs.

Origen Air

Providing the cleanest and healthiest air quality for the indoor built environment.


Enabling innovation and facilitating improved healthcare outcomes by connecting the right acute care patients to the right acute care clinical trials.

Welcome to the new teams!

Learn more about the Lab2Launch Venture Building program here

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