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Meet the 6 newest ventures to join the HATCH Accelerator

At entrepreneurship@UBC, we work with ventures across industries propelling the incredible ideas and innovations from the university out into the world to make phenomenal impacts. Since 2013, we’ve helped hundreds of early stage innovators develop their solutions into companies, building the ventures and leaders of tomorrow.

Through our CORE and Lab2Launch Venture Building programs and Social Venture and Climate Venture Studio streams, we nurture teams who grind tirelessly to move their company from idea to market across our 4 phase, stage-gated program, ending in the opportunity to apply for Phase 4: The HATCH Accelerator.

In partnership with the Institute of Computing, Information and Cognitive Systems (ICICS), HATCH takes founders to the next level, where they carve their own path and prepare to scale. Twice a year we usher in a new cohort of game changing HATCH ventures and we can't wait for you to meet them.

Meet the 6 newest ventures in the HATCH Accelerator:


ApplyChance is developing a platform to connect professors and departments with the best-suited graduate school applicants. Professors and departments will also be able to perform an efficient and effective review and assessment of applicants’ profiles to identify the most promising applicants early in the admission process and provide them with incentives such as scholarships to join their programs or research groups.

Learn more about ApplyChance

Aqua Intelligent

Aqua intelligent technology is collaboratively developing a novel and reliable platform to help small, remote, and Indigenous communities with monitoring and maintaining their drinking water systems. The platform is equipped with online consulting features to analyze data, help operators with proactive water management, and improve the performance of the disinfection processes within a drinking water system.

Learn more about Aqua Intelligent

Cyberspline Games

Cyberspline Games is home to passionate game developers and artists who work together in a non-traditional and stimulating working environment. We are gamers first, and we wanted to develop our own fun gaming ideas with the expectations of fellow players in mind.

Learn more about Cyberspline Games


healthQb discovers why your fatigue, anxiety or pain persists, and guides you to a balanced nervous system. Reveal what is disrupting your wellbeing through our 21-Day Baseline Assessment, become aware of what balances or triggers your nervous system, and restore balance and resilience to your nervous system.

Learn more about healthQb

Skylab Technologies

Skylab Technologies Inc. is a Vancouver-based computational photography SaaS company that focuses on the next generation of AI-powered photography tools. Skylab develops image processing algorithms using a proprietary dataset of high-resolution images. To date, they have processed over one million portraits for commercial purposes.

Learn more about Skylab Technologies


Verdi makes plant level actions scalable over thousands of acres by removing management overhead. Intelligent swarms of irrigation valves that enable farmers to customize nutrition for every single plant.

Learn more about Verdi

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About entrepreneurship@UBC

entrepreneurship@UBC propels UBC innovations out into the world through venture creation, providing UBC students, researchers, faculty members, alumni and staff with the resources, networks, and funding they need to succeed.

As one of the world’s top 40 research universities with 80,000 students, faculty and staff and over $650M annual research funding, UBC has long been a catalyst for innovation. Part of the Innovation UBC network, entrepreneurship@UBC supports UBC ventures and entrepreneurs to generate social and economic impacts in B.C. and around the world. To date, entrepreneurship@UBC has worked with over 484 ventures who have raised more than $1.38 billion in funding, generated more than $104 million in revenue and hired more than 919 employees, stimulating the economic and social landscape of B.C. while building anchor companies that have a global impact.

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About the HATCH Accelerator

The HATCH Accelerator is made possible in partnership with the Institute for Computing, Information and Cognitive Systems (ICICS).

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