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Meet the 29 ventures in our Lab2Launch and CORE Venture Building programs!

It's that time of year again! entrepreneurship@UBC has rounded up the next generation of tech entrepreneurs and UBC researchers ready to jumpstart their business and become disruptors in their industry. The entrepreneurship@UBC venture building journey begins with the incubator phase, helping UBC founders to execute on their ideas by intensely focusing on customer discovery, competitive analysis, problem validation, and product-market fit. Ventures go through one of our foundational programs, Lab2Launch or CORE. Interested in meeting our venture community yourself? RSVP for our 2020 Venture Showcase on December 10th which will feature ventures across our community from Ones-to-Watch and Sneak-a-Peek in the incubation phase of our Venture Building program to those Ready to Raise in the HATCH Accelerator program.


entrepreneurship@UBC’s Lab2Launch Venture Building program is for UBC researchers and scientists who are focusing on the development of a scientific or technological innovation which is unique, proprietary and difficult to reproduce, propelling them through venture creation, team building, investment and growth.

TheLab2Launch program provides UBC researchers the runway to launch their innovations in companies that can thrive in a highly competitive and volatile economy.


CanDry Technologies Inc

CanDry’s mission is to deliver state-of-the-art industrial dehydration technology to provide the world’s highest quality and nutritious foodstuffs. This novel and patented technology dehydrates faster and more efficiently, near body temperature to preserve nutrient value.

DeCap Research & Development Inc. Veterinary healthcare professionals risk painful and potentially infectious needle-stick injuries when injecting and treating animals. DECAP, an innovative compact reusable device, minimizes the risk of needle-stick injuries and facilitates the smooth handling and treatment of animals, allowing users to single-handedly uncap syringes prior to use and then safely dispose of them.

Difinity Solutions In time-critical emergencies like overdose or anaphylaxis there is no room for errors or faulty medication delivery. Invented by physicians, our medical devices improve how we administer emergency medications, making delivery faster and easier which ultimately saves lives. Dream Photonics Dream Photonics is bringing revolutionary photonic building blocks to the world of integrated circuit building. Dream Photonics develops and validates proprietary silicon photonic integrated circuit components, which are made available to foundries and end-users for new applications such as sensors, optical communications, and optical computing.

Flow Caddy Flow cytometry is a powerful and indispensable technique in biomedical research. However, performing these experiments has become increasingly complex, time consuming and error prone. Flow Caddy is an App that simplifies experimental design and produces better results in less time. InductoCrude InductoCrude will decarbonize heavy crude oil extraction and reduce its environmental impact. InductoCrude’s proprietary extraction method does not require steam injection, drastically reducing GHG emissions and water consumption. Nyoka Nyoka’s mission is to replace hard-to-manage waste generated by single-use products by developing radically sustainable technologies. Beginning with the world's first earth-friendly bioluminescent glow stick Nyoka will replace the half a billion single-use chemical glow sticks made every year for entertainment, emergency, governmental and military applications.

Total Flow Cannula TFC is providing surgeons with a tool to prevent leg ischemia in heart-lung bypass patients. Its novel cannula design guarantees blood flow in a patient’s leg; decreasing the risk of complications and leg amputation, while increasing time and cost savings for clinicians and hospitals. UVX Disinfection is laborious, expensive, and time-intensive. On a mission to return communities to a safe and new normal. UVX’s proprietary technology uses Far-UVC light that unlike other UV wavelengths, is safe for humans while still being effective at killing pathogens. VulcanX Hydrogen gas is used across a range of industries as an important feedstock, however its manufacture comes with a significant carbon footprint. VulcanX has developed a low-cost, zero-emission proprietary hydrogen reactor that will revolutionize how hydrogen is manufactured. Autometrics Manufacturing Technologies Inc. AutoMetrics uses machine learning to bring smart monitoring to industrial welding operations and replacing hazardous and error-prone manual inspection. Autometrics automates real-time troubleshooting before small errors turn into costly defects and expensive downtime.

Rohe Homes Currently, traditional construction methods are slow, mis-managed, and expensive. At Rohe homes, we seek to disrupt traditional methods by providing the Lotus, a low-cost prefabricated modular small home which folds up so that it can be easily shipped & delivered quickly. Fibrilex The global concrete industry’s demand for premium sand is consuming a limited precious resource faster than nature can replace it. Fibrilex provides a concrete additive which makes it possible to use poorer quality, domestic sand in concrete at lower cost and without reduction in performance, eliminating dependence on shrinking remote sources of premium sand. Maxwell Therapeutics Tens of millions of people – both young and old – suffer from untreatable blindness caused by retinal degenerative diseases, trauma, or infection where multiple retinal layers are lost. Maxwell Therapeutics is developing a proprietary cell therapy that regenerates these lost retinal layers, giving the potential to restore vision. ProState Digital rectal examination for prostate cancer is subjective and unreliable, leading to an abundance of unnecessary prostate biopsy procedures, at a high cost to the healthcare system and the patients themselves. ProState is a sensitive and specific sensor for testing the health of the prostate to aid in the diagnosis of prostate cancer and reduce the number of unnecessary follow-up biopsies. Spatial Lab A collaborative at-home testing platform uniting consumers, simple diagnostics, and AI developers in pursuit of improved health outcomes.


entrepreneurship@UBC’s CORE Venture Building program (formerly known as the Core Technology Incubator stream) supports UBC entrepreneurs (faculty, staff, students, recent UBC alumni) who are driving innovation through disruptive technologies, ideas and trends. P.S, applications for our next CORE cohort are now open! Find out more, below.


Honest Empathy

Journaling has the ability to help people master their mind. Honest Empathy is making journaling go viral through their AI-based App.


Affordable and regularly delivered meals for their customers; everyday food needs.

The C.O.D.E Initiative Foundation

The C.O.D.E Initiative Foundation always aims to bridge any gap that exists between education and neurodiverse youth by providing resources and support that mould the educational system to the needs of these youth.

Pay What Feels Fair

Pay What Feels Fair is a marketplace that connects counsellors and clients powered by dynamic pricing, allowing clients to access counselling services at more affordable rates.


Uses computer vision as means for self-assessed cannabis impairment.

GP Digital Mine

Creating digital-twins of existing mining operations through 3D renderings to assist with safety, training, planning and communication.

Leafi Home

 Save time, save energy, while enjoying comfort and privacy effortlessly.


A mobile platform where community members can deliver or receive foods/grocery orders.


CARA is an app which helps prevent sexual attacks through voice-activated deterrents.

OhM - Online Hardness Measurement Technologies

OHM Ω Technologies provides high-resolution hardness testing of drill core and real-time hardness measurement of ore streams.

Kids' Shield Services Inc.

Make the cyber world a safer place to live for kids and teens.


NCIS provides life saving AI-powered drone technologies to fight maritime crimes.

Zorc Finance Holding GmbH

Zorc Finance is a software company specializing in improving the speed and quality of portfolio construction using quantum tools and rigorous risk analysis.

Are you an entrepreneur with an idea ready to take flight? Apply to our CORE Venture Building program! Applications are currently open until December 10th.  Learn more about the application process and deadlines by visiting our website and meet more of our current CORE ventures and the mentors helping to further their venture building journeys.

The Winter 2021 CORE Venture Building program will be conducted online.

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