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Leading Through Uncertainty with Matt Corker of The Corker Collective

Updated: May 13, 2020

The world has changed dramatically over the past few months, and so has the way people run their businesses. Teams are experiencing a flurry of emotions and how we operate is completely different to before. This is not life as we once knew it.

Today, entrepreneurship@UBC was pleased to welcome Matt Corker, CEO of The Corker Collective, a human capital consulting firm, into our virtual world to share his expertise on Leading Through Uncertainty. Navigating challenge is no easy feat for even the most seasoned entrepreneur or executive - not to mention early stage companies getting their feet off the ground. Add a global pandemic to the mix and everything can seem chaotic, unruly and out of control.

Bringing together teams from all stages of company building, from phases 1-3 in our incubator program and phase 4 in the HATCH Accelerator program, Matt guided participants through an online power hour breaking down the psychological and social components that impact people’s ability to lead and work through challenge. Taking them through the Corker Co’s model of the 7 stages of uncertainty, Matt left teams with a framework to understand the realities of change and how they can urge their teams to embrace ideation and look forward.

The brilliance of this framework is its widespread adaptability to any stage of company, or even personal experience, something Matt noted as particularly important for leaders to address. In a virtual world, teams are impacted in a myriad of ways and the importance of humanity can not be forgotten. Recognition and reassurance are key to communicate to your team regularly and mixing mediums (think a voice note instead of a follow up email) can also play a role in building your team in an online setting.

Matt Corker, CEO of The Corker Collective, on Leading Through Uncertainty

Honing your leadership skills, particularly for a remote environment, has never been more necessary than it is today. entrepreneurship@UBC is dedicated to building transformational ventures that impact the economic, social and environmental fabric of our world, and a huge part of this is building the next generation of intrapreneurial and entrepreneurial leaders. Throughout the session, teams were able to ask questions relevant to their venture building experience and were later split into breakout rooms to discuss more intimately with other participants facing similar obstacles in their startup journey. It was an energizing hour encouraging ventures to embrace an attuned approach to team building while educating founders on how to leverage the nimbleness of startup life to position themselves as leaders through unpredictable times.

We would like to thank Matt and The Corker Co for their invaluable support and expertise. Find out more about Matt and The Corker Co, here.

About Matt Corker

Matt Corker is the CEO of The Corker Co and creator of The Manager Start Line, an online training program designed to take leaders’ people management skills to the next level. He has worked on growth strategies and crisis management for companies including lululemon, tentree, Google, and a number of start-ups both locally and internationally. He holds an MBA from the Copenhagen Business School, is a certified international yoga teacher and author, and loves sharing that extra scoop of ice cream with the love of his life.

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