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Introducing the newest cohorts to join our Life Science and Core Technology Incubator programs!

Kicking off Phase 1 with entrepreneurship@UBC's Life Sciences Director, Sean Lumb and Core Technology Stream Lead, Fraser Pogue

At entrepreneurship@UBC, we work with innovative teams who seek challenge and are passionate about changing the world. As part of our Life Science and Core Technology Incubator programs, we look for entrepreneurs who are transforming their research solutions into high potential ventures ready to scale - and we found them.

Without further adieu...

Meet the newest cohort of ventures to join our Life Science and Core Technology Incubator programs!

AbCura Pharmaceuticals Inc.

AbCura Pharmaceuticals is committed to developing novel antibody therapeutics for cancer, discovered and validated using its proprietary NaturalAntigen assay.

Amelue Technologies Inc.

Amelue Technologies is driving online shoppers to visually complementary products through their algorithm which uses AI to map attributes from images to products.

BioForm Solutions Inc.

BioForm Solutions Inc is committed to improving patient care and reducing healthcare disposal costs through the development of biocompatible and biodegradable alternatives to medical-grade plastics.

Cervical Spine Protection Inc.

Cervical Spine Protection's novel helmet technology will reduce the risk of catastrophic spinal cord injury resulting from head-on impacts in life’s fastest activities, from everyday commuting to high energy sports.


ConVISation will empower patients and healthcare providers by optimizing care team communication and healthcare delivery with its proprietary machine-learning and analytics platform.

Eigen Research

Eigen Research is developing a hybrid placement and routing approach based on quantum annealing for use in micro-electronic design.

Immfinity Biotechnologies

Immfinity Biotechnologies will make it possible for drug developers to discover and validate new immunotherapies in a variety of diseases with its proprietary massively-parallel functional T-cell antigen screening platform.


PRISM empowers drug developers and physicians with its cloud-based, platform-independent clinical prediction modelling and decision-analytics to improve clinical trial and healthcare delivery outcomes.


Secletion seeks to address the gap in developing new therapeutics against undruggable intracellular cancer targets by identifying novel small protein binders using its proprietary high-throughput screening assay. 

Congratulations to all of the new ventures! 

entrepreneurship@UBC’s Life Science and Core Technology Incubator programs help UBC founders execute on their innovations by intensely focusing on customer discovery, competitive analysis, problem validation and product-market fit.

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