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entrepreneurship@UBC announces Lab2Launch venture building program

Updated: Apr 9, 2020

Providing UBC scientists and researchers a clear pathway to creating transformative start-up companies

Vancouver, BC, Canada, February 20th, 2020 - Today, entrepreneurship@UBC is excited to announce the unveiling of our Lab2Launch venture building program designed for UBC researchers and scientists who are focusing on the knowledge sharing of a scientific or technological innovation which is unique, proprietary and difficult to reproduce. This program is the next evolution of entrepreneurship@UBC’s Life Science venture stream of the last 3 years, broadened to include start-up opportunities developed in any technical discipline by members of the UBC research community.

As part of entrepreneurship@UBC’s programming, Lab2Launch works with teams to help propel their innovations out into the world through venture creation, team building, investment and growth. Participants undertake a stage-gated program culminating in the opportunity to join the competitive HATCH Accelerator program. With the support of Entrepreneurs in Residence and mentors, Lab2Launch works with founders to identify if a viable and valuable start-up opportunity exists, guiding them through venture creation by putting the right team and plan in place to gain traction and attract investment for launch and growth.

entrepreneurship@UBC’s Lab2Launch Associate Director, Sean Lumb and Managing Director, Kari LaMotte, believe this change signals entrepreneurship@UBC’s evolution, providing a focussed program for UBC founders with innovations based on years of dedicated research and hard work:

“The Lab2Launch program bridges a real gap between invention and knowledge sharing, providing UBC researchers the runway to launch their innovations as viable companies that can thrive. Lab2Launch will be a breeding ground for UBC research innovations to grow into anchor companies that will enhance BC’s scientific reputation, nationwide”.

- Sean Lumb, Lab2Launch Associate Director

“entrepreneurship@UBC is continually strengthening our programs to build world class ventures that stem from UBC and our HATCH Accelerator network. The Lab2Launch program demonstrates our evolution as a whole, identifying entrepreneurship@UBC as a catapult for BC talent and innovation.”

-Kari LaMotte, Managing Director

Applications for the Lab2Launch venture building program are now open. Apply by March 6th on here

For more information, contact Lab2Launch’s Venture Activator, Fahreen Bhimani, at fahreen.bhimani@ubc.ca or Associate Director, Sean Lumb, at sean.lumb@ubc.ca.

About entrepreneurship@UBC entrepreneurship@UBC is an initiative that propels UBC innovations out into the world through entrepreneurship and venture creation, providing UBC students, researchers, faculty members, alumni and staff with the resources, networks, facilities and funding they need to succeed. The HATCH Accelerator program is made possible in collaboration with the Institute for Computing, Information and Cognitive Systems (ICICS).

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