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4 Myth-busting FAQs on e@UBC

The questions you want to know about us, answered.

As the days quickly roll into the end of July, we hope you are in full summer mode, basking in (SPF protected) sun with vacation plans to travel safely around BC or, in many cases, the nooks and crannies of your own backyard. 

With applications for our Lab2Launch and CORE (formerly known as Core Technology) venture building streams open until August 10th, we thought we'd dig into some entrepreneurship@UBC myth-busting FAQs. 

entrepreneurship@UBC FAQs

Q: Do ventures applying to entrepreneurship@UBC require a full team?

A: Nope! Preference is given to teams with 2 individuals who are motivated, open to feedback and have a diverse skill set (example, a business person and technical person).

Q: Do all team members have to be from UBC?

A: To join our program, only 1 member of the team requires a UBC affiliation. They can be a UBC staff or faculty member, student or recent alumni within 5 years of graduation. 

Q: Does the program cost money?

A: No! entrepreneurship@UBC is a program funded by the university and external partners and as such, is offered at no cost to participants.

Q: Do teams have to travel to UBC for the program?

A: No commuting required - all programming will be conducted online for the Fall 2020 season.

Apply for our Lab2Launch and CORE venture building streams by August 10th on our website.

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