Human Health Venture Studio

entrepreneurship@UBC’s Human Health Venture (H²V ) Studio supports UBC entrepreneurs who are innovating in health industries through specialized programming, industry and academic mentorship, community engagement and network development to help them commercialize transformative human health innovations through venture creation. 

Program Summary

entrepreneurship@UBC’s Human Health Venture (H²V) Studio is for UBC researchers and scientists working on a scientific or technological innovation or disruption focused on transforming human health outcomes. The H²V Studio works intimately with human health innovators who are building solutions in the human healthcare ecosystem, working to catalyze their startup opportunity.

Through community engagement and network development, ventures establish a home for themselves within the wider healthcare landscape, gaining access to the collective expertise and resources in the ecosystem. The H²V Studio adopts a collaborative  approach to helping participants build up their networks, including working with industry executives, providing access to lab and office space, and advisory teams including entrepreneurship@UBC’s own bench of Entrepreneurs and Executives in Residence and mentors. 

The H²V Studio supports the development of human health innovations in areas including diagnostic platforms; medical imaging; therapeutic development; drug delivery systems; digital health; precision medicine; and others.

What you get

The H²V Studio offers entrepreneurs in-depth venture building and acceleration programming, direct access to industry/academic leaders, funding opportunities, events, challenges and more. You will join a supportive community pursuing the next generation of human health- focused ventures from UBC. 

Program Overview

Phase 1: Why YOU?



The H²V Studio is an evolution of entrepreneurship@UBC’s Life Science stream dedicated to propelling health and life science innovations from the university into the world through venture creation. The H²V Studio will leverage the University’s incredible pool of human health research and innovation, helping to commercializing their discoveries into viable companies poised for direct impact. 


The H²V Studio draws upon entrepreneurship@UBC’s expertise in developing human health ventures and is designed to layer on additional mentorship, industry and academic leaders and experts in our community to drive widespread impact. The studio is led by Dr. Sean Lumb, Associate Director, Lab2Launch.

Program  Eligibility

We are looking for researchers, scientists and founders working on innovations or disruptions in human health. To be eligible, you and your team should be considering pursuing or already be participating in one of our foundational programs, CORE or Lab2Launch, and be working on a venture idea with high potential for large scale human health impact. In addition, we’re looking for the following:


  • You are motivated and receptive to coaching and are aware of and committed to the time required to develop and build the foundation for a new venture.


  • Either you are or one of your team members is a UBC student, faculty, staff member, or a recent UBC alumnus (within 5 years of graduation).


Wondering if your idea is a fit? Get in touch through the email below. 

Transforming human health innovations through venture creation.

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We are located in the Graham Lee Innovation Centre in the Robert H. Lee Alumni Centre.

6163 University Blvd

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