HATCH Accelerator Ventures
Current Ventures

Building tools that enable winemakers to practice their art more efficiently. 


Cohort: 2018/2019

Commercializing a novel chip-based wireless power transfer system. 


Cohort: 2018/2019

Developing technologies that enable active individuals to rehabilitate joint injuries more effectively, allowing them to engage in activity without the limitations of joint pain.


Cohort: 2017/2018

Creating technology to match the shape of your foot with key dimensions from a selection of shoes, to find the sizes and styles that suit users best.


Cohort: 2018/2019

Simplifying practice management, allowing independent financial advisors to scale

high-touch client services at a fraction of the cost by combining task automation and client management into one easy to use dashboard.


Cohort: 2018/2019

Shortening the path to discovery through taming big data.


Cohort: 2018/2019

Making it easy for real estate agents and brokers to run effective advertising campaigns that generate leads, in less than 5 minutes.


Cohort: 2019/2020

Deploying and operating shared smart lockers, used as online delivery pickup points as well as short term storage space.


Cohort: 2019/2020

Developing the first FDA cleared and clinically proven medical device solution for chronic snoring.


Cohort: 2018/2019

Technologically focused on developing therapeutics that can engage the immune system to fight cancer.

Cuprous Pharmaceuticals

Cohort: 2018/2019

Helping retailers make more successful hires - faster - by using insights from their data to find and attract the right high-potential people. 


Cohort: 2018/2019

Aiming to enhance the life quality of patients with lower leg injuries by developing novel mobility aids.

Flamingo Mobility

Cohort: 2019/2020

A clean technology software that provides energy service companies with software-as-service solutions to drive energy efficiency improvements and minimize greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

Green Metrics

Cohort: 2018/2019

Providing proprietary peer mentoring programs to Senior Living organizations, resulting in a 30% reduction in depression and providing significant additional benefits to staff, caregivers and family.

Java Group Programs

Cohort: 2018/2019

A mobile concierge solution that transforms buildings in smart communities.


Cohort: 2019/2020

Designing and producing a series of compounds that have the potential to be beneficial in the treatment of serious eye diseases through delivery to the retina by an eye drop.

Naegis Pharmaceuticals

Cohort: 2019/2020

The world’s last flooring installation company.


Cohort: 2019/2020


Acuva Technologies 

Developing portable water purification systems that employ novel low-power UV- LED.

A&K Robotics

An intelligent navigation system that transforms manual machines into self-driving robots.​

AVA Technologies

A food technology startup that makes electronic micro-gardens for home and commercial use.


Creating a proprietary water purification process that can efficiently remove a broad spectrum of contaminants from water.

ExcelSense Technologies

Allowing industrial optics to self-clean in harsh industrial environments.

HeadCheck Health

Building software to enhance the concussion management of any sports organization through improved testing, documentation and reporting.


A non-profit organization providing education for developing communities.


A secure automated bicycle parking system that decreases building construction cost, optimizes land usage, and eliminates theft while providing more efficient bicycle parking experience.


Connecting sensor intelligence between vehicles and traffic infrastructure for realtime situational awareness, maneuvering decisions, traffic management directives and first responses. 


Revolutionizing the way athletes train and perform by using textile-integrated sensors to provide real-time insights into what is happening in their muscles.

Sonic Incytes

Developing portable ultrasound imaging technology for the diagnosis of liver disease.

Vesalius Cardiovascular

A biomedical research and development corporation, focusing on the treatment of structural heart disease, specifically mitral valve disease causing mitral regurgitation.


Providing UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) automation software to organizations involved in the inspection of electric power lines.


Creating artificial intelligence based natural motion technology to produce the most realistic character motion on the market today.

Cambridge Energy Partners

Designing and manufacturing the world's first redeployable solar tracker.

Elevated Signals

A digital cultivation management platform that leverages wireless IoT sensors and data science to optimize controlled environment crop production, helping producers make data-driven decisions.


Providing the world’s most comprehensive precision prescribing software to solve healthcare’s most pressing challenges. Precision prescribing software for the management of your conditions.


Developing an ultra-high resolution, laser-based internal oil and gas pipeline inspection technology can identify pinhole leaks for proactive maintenance.

Mangrove Water


Converting carbon dioxide and saline waste-water into high value oil and gas field chemicals and re-usable water. 


A hollow microneedle platform that provides a reliable, painless, and cost- effective means of delivering therapeutics and vaccines.


A patent pending first novel ringless drivetrain technology that can be applied to anywhere gear motors are used.


The world's first simple, general single-molecule science platform providing scientists and engineers with unprecedented control and insight.


Brining rainy communities to life and creates a more livable, sustainable, and sharable world. UmbraCity is a network of smart, automated umbrella rental kiosks, allowing users to borrow umbrellas when needed, and return at anytime.

Vital Mechnics

Developing a patent pending technology that models human soft tissues in contact with clothing and wearables. Products include advanced design and 3D simulation software for the apparel industry.