The HATCH Accelerator provides you and your team the support, space and expertise to take your world-changing innovation to the next level. 


The accelerator is for ventures who have completed the Incubator Program and been invited to continue their venture-building journey with entrepreneurship@UBC by joining HATCH.



Program Overview

While the incubator program helps ventures achieve problem validation and product-market fit, HATCH intensely focuses on helping ventures prepare to scale. This includes helping them identify and secure their first major customers, pilots, and partnerships; perfect their business model; build their team and culture; recruit their board of directors; and fundraise and complete the due-diligence process.


Once a venture is selected for HATCH, they will have the opportunity to unlock additional entrepreneurship@UBC resources that will empower them to take their venture to the next level.  


Over the course of 12-24 months, entrepreneurship@UBC EiRs provide one-on-one support, coaching and guidance as founders build their company, develop their product to saleability, find their first customer(s), and become investment ready. 


Venture development is monitored in a periodic review cycle that prepares founders for formal board reporting. Teams will present their development progress to the entrepreneurship@UBC team, go/no-go hurdles and development goals are established and reviewed, and EiRs “vouch” for continued support. Ventures are "graduated” from HATCH when they achieve significant commercial milestones relevant to each venture.

The HATCH Accelerator is in partnership with the Institute for Computing, Information and Cognitive Systems (ICICS).

The HATCH Accelerator Makerspace
The HATCH Accelerator Makerspace

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Pitches & Pitchers
Pitches & Pitchers

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Michele Wallcraft, XiR
Michele Wallcraft, XiR

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The HATCH Accelerator Makerspace
The HATCH Accelerator Makerspace

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What you get

Ventures have access to over 10,570 square feet of office and makerspace along with a wide range of services, including:

  • Workshops covering corporate value/vision articulation, team construction, and management effectiveness, all of which build the foundation for the company building activities at HATCH and beyond

  • Access to our MasterMind advanced workshop series for startup training and skill development to boost survival and growth prospects:

    • business development/sales

    • presenting and fundraising

  • Dedicated Entrepreneurs in Residence (EiRs) and Executives in Residence (XiRs) for company development, sales and recruiting support

  • Feedback and guidance from EiRs during and after a quarterly check-in

  • Makerspace or wet lab space for testing, developing and launching new innovative products

  • Marketing and business analysis support from MBA interns

  • Access to the entrepreneurship@UBC Concept Fund 

  • Introductions to investors, advisors, and senior executives in their industry at our pitch events and showcases

  • Office space specified for entrepreneurs and as well as access to custom developed board/conference rooms for start-ups

Program Components

Here are the upcoming programmatic elements for HATCH ventures. Attendance for ventures is optional depending on their stage and traction.

1 week of training in September

Culture & Values Training

Overview of sales strategies 

Sales Training

Pitch Training

Preparation to help ventures get ready for investor pitching  

CEO Roundtables

Opportunity for venture CEOs to network, knowledge share and problem solve as a group

In Venture Builder you build out the

Lunch & Learns

Workshops to address specific topics entrepreneurs want to learn about  

MasterMind Sessions 


Peer run sessions designed to offer support, guidance and advice

Venture Showcase

A pitch event introducing ventures to the local investor community

Investor Showcase

A group of panel selected ventures pitch to local investors

EiR Quarterly Check ins

Board-meeting like presentations where the venture is required to update HATCH and EiRs on their progress

HATCH Accelerator Final Presentations

Final presentations for ventures to present on their progress throughout HATCH.


I didn't do a venture building program, can I still get in to the HATCH Accelerator?

Typically, succesfull applicants come from one of our two foundational venture building programs, Lab2Launch or CORE. However, we are open to considering high performing ventures who are exemplifying traction. In this case they can get in touch with Fraser Pogue, Venture Activator, CORE, to go through a readiness level assessment to judge eligibility.

When do you do intake?

Intake happens in January and July of each year.

Where's the program located?

The program is delivered at the Institute for Computing, Information and Cognitive Systems (ICICS) on UBC's Point Grey Campus. Currently, all programming is being delivered online.

Who are your Entrepreneurs in Residence?

Meet our EiRs, here.

At any given time, entrepreneurship@UBC accelerates up to 25 ventures, generating a steady stream of companies that are ready to scale. How? By providing the most talented entrepreneurs with the right mentorship, training, creative space and funding.

Want to support HATCH?

We'd love to hear from you. Get in touch with us.

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The HATCH Accelerator is made possible in partnership with the Institute for Computing, Information and Cognitive Systems (ICICS).