For Credit Courses

Entrepreneurship@UBC is pleased to promote the following UBC Sauder School of Business and UBC Engineering  entrepreneurship courses for current UBC students. Regardless of your faculty or specialization, we have for-credit courses available that can serve as your entry point into discovering more about entrepreneurship at UBC while you complete your degree.

Here, you can choose a course that is just right for you.

Undergraduate Students in All Faculties

You are curious about what Entrepreneurship really is.

New Ventures Design (COMM 466/APSC 486) helps you to work on building a viable product prototype and business plan.

Innovation Leadership (COMM 386D) introduces frameworks from the social sciences that are useful for understanding organizational innovation processes

For Students at the UBC Sauder School of Business

For-credit courses open to all Bachelor of Commerce students

Career track for MBA students

For Students in UBC Engineering

For-credit courses open to engineering students

The Minor in Entrepreneurship is for students wishing to acquire foundations in the knowledge and practical skills necessary for forming a successful company.

For Graduate Students in Any Faculty

Technology Entrepreneurship (BAEN 506/APSC 541) provides students with an experience-based introduction into the lean start-up process

Business Decisions for Engineering Ventures (APSC 540) covers issues and case studies in creating and running engineering ventures and projects, with a particular emphasis on strategic planning, engineering economics, finance and risk.

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