2019 Social Ventures

is engaging sports celebrities and their fans to raise more funds for charities.

Charity Icons

is ​a cup sharing program making it easy and convenient to keep single use cups out of the landfills.


is a processor of single origin cocoa beans, helping more profits from the chocolate supply chain go to farmers.

Emkao Foods

has created peer-mentoring based programs proven to decrease depression and loneliness in seniors in long term care homes.

Java Group Programs

is creating more cohesive and resilient communities through the design and build of shared community structures. 

Neighbour Lab

is a platform that engages young people in causes they care about through “micro-commitments” they can access quickly and easily.


is upcycling rescued grains from breweries turning them into healthy vegan snacks and nutritious flour.

Craft Grain

is a platform helping small non profits engage with donors online.


is addressing access to treatment of femur fractures for patients in low resource countries without access to surgery.


is making prescription eyeglasses and lenses affordable to everyone.


has developed a low-cost traction table designed for low resource countries enabling more patients to access surgery to treat femur fractures and prevent long term disability.

Traction Table

creating more cohesive and resilient communities through the design and build of shared community structures.

Neighbour Lab

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We are located in the Graham Lee Innovation Centre in the Robert H. Lee Alumni Centre.

6163 University Blvd

Vancouver, BC

V6T 1Z3

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